How Do You Create a Backup of Your Dedicated Server? 

The most reliable, powerful, and secure web hosting servers are dedicated servers, which offer the best way to back up website data. Data backup makes a copy or replica of the information on your website and saves it on a different server, enabling you to restore that information if necessary or in the event of ... Read More

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

A domain name is a type of naming scheme used in the internet world to identify any website there. Every website may be easily found online via domain name search. The domain name is always distinct. Therefore two websites can never have the same domain name. For your website to grow, choosing the right register domain ... Read More

Leverage High-Performance Cloud Computing for your Business

High-performance cloud computing has become very popular in modern-day online businesses. Usually, web hosting services provide these services in the form of IaaS or PaaS. It is different from traditional web hosting services like shared and VPS. IaaS is a type of cloud computing that provides computing resources that are virtualized over the internet. On the other ... Read More

How to configure office 365 to use a unique email address

If yours is a business, it is essential to have a customized email address. Such a unique email address will enhance the credibility of your brand and make it look more legitimate. Such small but pivotal things can strengthen your brand and improve efficiency, especially when using Office 365 email hosting. Initially, the setup process ... Read More

What is Amazon Web Services? Benefits of using AWS for your organization

Amazon web services (AWS) is a bunch of remote computing services which together form a cloud computing platform that is run by The most reputed AWS services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. AWS aims to overcome the problems faced with traditional hosting solutions. Services like Dropbox and websites like Reddit all use AWS. ... Read More

The Difference Between Cloud Servers And Dedicated Servers

The main mention of web hosting services and the decision between cloud servers versus dedicated server hosting can send people into a spiral of confusion. Which is more budget-friendly? Which performs best? Which is most secure? However, fear not; help is at hand. In this simple guide, we will help you understand the differences and ... Read More

What is Microsoft Azure and its Uses?

Azure is a cloud platform used to create, deploy, and manage services and applications regardless of where the user is located, thanks to Microsoft’s use of an ever-growing global network of data centers. Azure’s platform as a service (PaaS) approach allows you to integrate cloud capabilities into an existing network. In contrast, Azure’s IaaS model ... Read More

Some Interesting Facts About SSL Certificate India

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for establishing encrypted connections between a web server and a client browser. When a user seeks to visit an SSL-protected website, their computer and the server engage in a series of protocol exchanges designed to keep all data in transit from prying eyes. SSL certificates are granted by ... Read More

What Is a Dedicated Server?

While launching the first website, most business owners go with shared hosting because of its cost-effective rates. However, with the growth of your business, you should know when to upgrade your website to accommodate the increasing traffic. In this blog, we will discuss dedicated server hosting and its benefits. What is dedicated server hosting? The name itself ... Read More

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is all about using a virtual server to host websites. In cloud hosting, your website is not hosted on a single machine. Instead, it is spread across multiple interconnected servers. All these servers are present in a virtual environment. If you are confused about whether cloud server hosting is for you or not, ... Read More