Cloud server vs Dedicated server

The Difference Between Cloud Servers And Dedicated Servers

The main mention of web hosting services and the decision between cloud servers versus dedicated server hosting can send people into a spiral of confusion. Which is more budget-friendly? Which performs best? Which is most secure? However, fear not; help is at hand. In this simple guide, we will help you understand the differences and benefits of each. By the end, you will have a clear idea of which is right for you and your application.

Why Do You Need a Server?

Whether you’re running a website, mobile app, or software enterprise, there is one common feature, you will need somewhere to host it. While dedicated server hosting and cloud-based servers are based on different infrastructures, they both perform the same basic functions. When considering a host server, you should keep in mind four key features:

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Durability
  • Performance

Keep these in mind as we guide you through the differences between a cloud and dedicated server.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical piece of equipment that is commonly bought or rented for large-scale business needs. They are used by firms that experience high levels of traffic on their sites and require high levels of security. Owning a dedicated server will require a business to have IT support and expertise to manage ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

What Is a Cloud-Based Server?

Cloud servers hosting are commonly used by small businesses or individuals who require greater flexibility. Unlike a dedicated server, they are hosted in a shared “virtual” environment, which is managed by a cloud hosting supplier. While still offering strong levels of performance and security, the primary benefit is that users can benefit from reduced costs thanks to sharing with other customers. It is also worth noting that you will only pay for the server space you use, ensuring you are not paying for wasted infrastructure when demand is reduced.

How Do You Choose Which Server Is Right For You?

As we have indicated, the size and scale of your business is likely to be a deciding factor, but there are a few other areas to consider.

  1. Customization: If you need an environment that is fully customizable to your own unique business needs, we recommend a dedicated server. Customization is limited when using a cloud-based option.
  2. Security:In today’s world, where data handling and privacy are front and center, this is a key consideration. If your business requires high levels of control and therefore a security plan that mandates a single-occupied environment, then a dedicated server is your only option.
  3. Costs: Fees for cloud-based servers are more flexible and can be tailored to your business needs. They tend to be easier and quicker to scale up when required. If you are hosting in a dedicated environment, the ability to flex and scale up is largely driven by the host.

Taking The Next Step

Deciding the right solution for your business is up to you. It will depend on your current position as well as your long-term goals. However, we hope the information provided above was useful in directing your company in the right direction and if you need any more advice on web hosting services we are here to help.

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