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What is Amazon Web Services? Benefits of using AWS for your organization

Amazon web services (AWS) is a bunch of remote computing services which together form a cloud computing platform that is run by The most reputed AWS services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. AWS aims to overcome the problems faced with traditional hosting solutions. Services like Dropbox and websites like Reddit all use AWS. Although AWS is not only for Dropbox and Reddit, anyone can efficiently host several servers on AWS.

You can also host the web backend for any organization through AWS, as most websites experience heavy traffic during working hours and a little bit less during odd hours. Thus it makes sense to use AWS here, as it will help you in server computation instead of paying for power you don’t use.

Below are some reasons why using AWS in your organization is appealing. So, let’s dive and see which AWS is better for organizations of all sizes.

Benefits of using AWS for your organization

Easy to use

While undergoing the sign-in process for Amazon web services, you will come across a user-friendly interface known as the AWS management console. Through this interface, you can access various services and applications.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you want a web hosting platform, a platform for SaaS display, or migrating existing software. This system can work for you, and while you need an IT professional to manage everything, you don’t require a highly skilled professional or expertise.

Thus you don’t need an on-site server for your IT work. Instead, you need to sign in to use Amazon’s infrastructure, which you can use. Thus it becomes easy to deploy software, programs and the whole IT ecosystem in a streamlined way.

Avail various tools

While initially AWS was meant only for cloud computing and storage, it is now extended to other services. It covers analytics, database, networking, software, and mobile. These services are here to satisfy all your IT and computing needs. It helps you with a ready-to-use platform that can enhance your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

You can go right on this platform, as everything is managed in a single place, thus allowing you to track everything in one go.

On-the-go pricing

Amazon has kept a refreshing approach while deciding hosting prices during the AWS launch. You can avail pay for what you use method. It makes sense for server infrastructure as traffic becomes bursty for many websites during working hours compared to odd hours.

The free tier

Many people are still reluctant to use AWS because of a lack of knowledge. Unlike traditional hosted solutions, EC2 can make the server go online or offline quickly as per requirement. Hence many IT professionals opt for something other than AWS due to the cost associated with ‘playing around’ to figure it out.

The free tier, which provides credit to run on EC2, resolves this. It comprises S3 storage, elastic load balancer time, compute hours, etc. It allows developers to try AWS API in their software to keep them tied with AWS, which is a benefit to Amazon in the long run.

Security and reliability

Amazon-managed services are considered more secure than the company hosting their website. AWS has a wide array of data centres which are continuously monitored and maintained. Through diversification, AWS ensures that a disaster in one region may not result in data loss worldwide. Localized data with easy-to-access location is not a safe place. AWS always strives to keep the data location hidden and allow access only to those who need it.

Thus this strategy keeps the entire data safe, and because of Amazon’s experience in potential attacks, such a situation can be efficiently handled in a day. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for companies where a single IT professional handles the computing for a large office.

Scalable and adaptable

As in AWS, the cost can be modified per the customers’ usage; many small companies and start-ups are showing interest in managed AWS services to avail of this obvious benefit in their computing needs. In addition, AWS provides a better opportunity for building the business from the bottom, providing all the required tools to start with the cloud. Finally, for existing companies, AWS offers low-cost migration so that they can easily migrate their existing infrastructure to AWS.

With the company’s growth, AWS gives resources to help them expand. Moreover, as the business will avail flexible usage with AWS, they don’t have to worry about reexamining computing usage. Companies can set their computing needs and forget them.

Should you go with AWS?

Well! It’s up to you. This platform has ample benefits to offer for organizations of all sizes. These services have created a buzz in the market because of their affordable and scalable services, which can help all start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. We really hope that the information above was helpful in guiding your business in the right way. If you need any additional guidance on web hosting services in india, we are available to assist you.




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