What is a dedicated server?

What Is a Dedicated Server?

While launching the first website, most business owners go with shared hosting because of its cost-effective rates. However, with the growth of your business, you should know when to upgrade your website to accommodate the increasing traffic. In this blog, we will discuss dedicated server hosting and its benefits.

What is dedicated server hosting?

The name itself suggests that your website will receive a dedicated server. Such servers offer incredible power and flexibility to companies, but yes, it all comes with a high rate. Of course, it would help if you did deep research work buying any plan on a dedicated server.

For instance, as the traffic grows, many companies limit of shared hosting ends, and the option before them is to either upgrade the shared hosting or go with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server vs. other types of hosting

In shared hosting, your website will be stored on a server where hundreds of other websites are kept. This idea is suitable for personal blogs or small businesses with less traffic. However, such an option doesn’t provide flexibility to companies as it’s not in their hands to configure the things per their choice.

You will get your own space in VPS hosting while sharing a server. With this hosting, you can get consistency in the performance of your website, as your website will be blocked from other users. In server configuration, you can enjoy a little bit of flexibility. This option can provide you desired speed at lower prices than dedicated hosting and can be a middle-ground offer for those who want to upgrade their website.

However, dedicated hosting is the plan which will allow you to make the most of your money. But on the downside, it will be a little bit expensive.

Why you should go for a dedicated server

As discussed dedicated server is the most powerful option you can choose for your website. But before choosing it, let’s peep into some of its benefits.

Handle enhanced traffic 

If you predict that your website will experience high traffic shortly, it’s time to switch to a dedicated server. If you still use a shared network during traffic spikes, your website performance will drop suddenly. It will increase the bounce rate of your website and will ultimately hamper the conversion rate. Hence, it’s a wise idea to change the hosting of your website before you face any problems. You can look for the best web hosting company in India to grab a good deal.

When security is a concern

For many business owners, security is uncompromising, mainly when their website deals with clients’ payment-related information. It can include credit or debit card details, confidential emails or other sensitive information. In such a scenario, protecting your website from hacks and viruses becomes crucial.

With dedicated hosting, you will remain free from all such security breaches. It implies you can customize your specific requirement for your stored files and websites. There are plans in dedicated hosting which offer fully and semi-managed maintenance plans. It means you and your host will jointly decide the factors for which you both are responsible, and you can take help from any other expert for handling other concerns.

Less page load time

The loading time of your landing page is a crucial factor that decides your company’s reputation. Slow pages often lead to less audience engagement and more bounce rate. With a dedicated server, you can handle all such situations efficiently.

In a shared network, you don’t know when the resources will be allocated to another website which has increased the page loading time of your website. Dedicated hosting provides your respective bandwidth to avoid such loading time issues.

Control your server

This is the final reason for you to invest in dedicated hosting. Such hosting gives you complete control of your server, and can customize it as per your business.

For instance, choose the server software as per your need. If your resource controls prefer NGINX over Apache, you have the right to do so. Also, you can set your hardware specifications and install your operating system. Hence, for such reasons, dedicated hosting can be a preferred option for web developers and companies with specific requirements.

Final Takeaway- Buy a dedicated server

If your website struggles to manage tremendous traffic, switch to dedicated web hostingThis server can host your site and improve its performance and page loading time. Also, you can remain assured of security through a managed dedicated server.

To quickly recap, below are some reasons to choose dedicated hosting:

  • Your website will be able to handle tremendous traffic.
  • It will remain secure.
  • You can minimize the loading time of your website.
  • You can control all the aspects and customized them as per need.

So, look for a dedicated hosting provider now to grow your business efficiently.

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